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Der FILLCONTROL Free Viewer is a free of charge software module which can be downloaded. It allows to display and analyse the recorded data of all FILLCONTROL applications comfortably.
In addition, all monitoring and controlling functions can be displayed in a simulation mode with the help of already recorded data or simulation data.
The FILLCONTROL Free Viewer is ideally suited as a management tool for planning, optimization and analyses of the production.


 Process visualization
 Process analysis
 Data analysis of all modules
 Demo mode and simulation of all functions


FILLCONTROL Measure is also a free of charge software module, which can record and save measuring data (cavity pressure, cavity temperature, voltage signals).

All it takes is simply a combined connecting cable for power supply on the one hand and for data transmission to the PC and the amplifiers themselves on the other hand.

 Data acquisition
 Data storage
 Process visualization
 Process analysis




















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Data sheet type 7080A FILLCONTROL 605.7 KB