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Multi Pin Connecting Cables
with and without sensitivity detection

for Cavity Pressure Sensors
1047Ax   Plastics coat
6001A/B, 6002A/B, 6003A/B,
6006BC, 6007BC, 6008AA, 6010BC, 6011BC, 6411B, 6413A, 6414A, 6415A
Kabel Druck 1047A 
1048Ax   Plastics coat
Kabel Druck 1048A
1045Ax   Plastics coat
Kabel Druck 1045A
1046Ax   Plastics coat
Kabel Druck 1046A
1054Bx   Plastics coat
Kabel Druck 1054A
Connecting Cable
Bending Radius [mm]
(* bundled)
 1045Ax  12 (25*)
 1046Ax  9 (40*)
 1047Ax  12
1048Ax 12 (20*)
1054Bx 50