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BlueLine Machine Interfaces
I/O Master type 8980C
 Basis devices for all application
 Start measurement (Trigger)
 Bad part separation
 (Automatic) Switchover to holding pressure
I/O Expander type 8981A
 Individual control signals
 Sequential molding applications
 Valve gate control
 Individual bad part separation
Bus Interface type 8982A
 Connection of several interfaces
 Different position of interfaces on machine and handling
 respectively robots
 Easy cascading
External Interfaces types 8980C-E / 8981A-E 
 Interface outside the control cabinet
External Interfaces types 8984A / 8985A
 Control cabinet with transparent front door and one I/O
 Master unit each, as well as maximum 4 respectively 6
 I/O Expander units and open wires
 For maximum 64 respectively 96 switching signals (e.g.
 valve gates)

. Name File size    
Data sheet type 8980C I/O Master 257.2 KB
Data sheet type 8981A I/O Expander 293.04 KB
Data sheet type 8982A Bus Interface 164.41 KB
Data sheet type 8984Axx-x Control Cabinet 277.99 KB
Data sheet type 8985Axx-x Control Cabinet 279.66 KB