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BlueLine Accessories
 Typennummer  Description

 Control cabinet feed through
 for BlueLine Hybrid Bus cable
 type 1282Ax, screw mounting
 with M16 thread

 M12 neg. 8-pol

 M12 pos. 8-pol


 Label set for BlueLine systems
 Labels and tags for system
 related labeling of the sensor
 channels, BlueLine
 components and cables


 Proximity switch
 Inductive Switch for BlueLine
 devices for the simple start of
 a measurement,
 bending radius = 7 mm

 Proximity switch


 M12 8 pin (male)
 9016A  BlueLine power supply for
 the supply of BlueLine
 amplifiers type 5080A and
 BlueLine Core type 8280C

 M12 8 pin (female)





 Bending radius = 7 mm

 Power plug





 Bending radius = 20 mm