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Order Example 4: FILLCONTROL Control H (1)
  Automatic hot runner control
Balancing and controlling of the melt front

Hot runner controller integrated in the machine
Individual alarm signal per cavity
  • Hot runner balancing of a 16-cavity mold with individual bad part separation
  • 16 cavity temperature sensors (1 sensor per cavity) for balancing and for the process monitoring
  • 16 alarm output signals to the robot for the individual separation of each single bad part
 Item  Quantity
 7080A Control H
 Software module for the balancing and control of hit runner molds, incl. BlueLine
 Core type 8280C and Ethernet connecting cable type 1250A-Netstal EM15
2 1  7080A Monitor  Software module for monitoring and control of the injection molding process
1  9021A  Mounting device for BlueLine Core type 8280C 
4 1  5080A-16T  BlueLine multi-channel amplifier for 16 temperature channels
5 2  1280A5  BlueLine Hybrid Bus connecting cable, l = 5 m
6 1  8980C  BlueLine I/O Master, Interface for easy connecting of digital alarm and switching
 signals to the machine respectively to the peripherals
7 3  1282A2  Installation kit incl. control cabinet feed through type 1282A and BlueLine Hybrid
 Bus cable type 1280A2
8 16  4004C0.2-101  Miniature cavity temperature sensor
9 2  1194A-8T  BlueLine multi channel connecting box for maximum 8 temperature signals
10 2  1144A2  Multi pin connecting cable (temperature), 8 channels, l = 2 m
11 1  4561B  Mounting / extraction tool for temperature sensors
12 1  9080A  Top Hat Rail Set for the mounting of BlueLine pressure and temperature
13 1  1280A10  BlueLine Hybrid Bus connecting cable, l = 10 m
14 1  8981A  BlueLine I/O Expander, Add-on interface for the simple interfacing of digital
 alarm and switching signals of the machine and other peripheral devices
15 2  8982A  BlueLine Bus Interface (IF), Interface for the connection of several BlueLine I/O
 groups of modules