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PRIAMUS Products
Compatibility of our Products
Our product range is consciously designed that combinations with the products of competitors are possible. This fact distinguishes us considerably from our competitors. We are determined to keep all options for our customers open and thus to convince them gradually of the quality of our products and our innovative ideas.
Scope of Delivery

The scope of delivery characterizes the total content of the delivery.

Sensors: Mounting plate and identification plate are contained in the scope of delivery.
Cavity pressure sensors: Mounting nut is contained in the scope of delivery.
Cavity temperature sensors: Distance sleeve is contained in the scope of delivery.

The accessories are not contained in the scope of delivery and must be orderes separately.

Assembly tool for mounting nut, special tool for mounting and extraction of sensors, top hat rail set for charge amplifiers, fixing device for core, connecting cables, mounting nut for cavity temperature sensors (alternative mounting), distance sleeve for cavity pressure sensors (alternative mounting).


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Product Overview 36.02 MB