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Flexible Quick Disconnects for Cavity Pressure Sensors
Flexible quick disconnects are installed into mold inserts likewise to compact sensors.
They can be placed on different positions due to the flexible cable connection between sensor and disconnect. This way different mold inserts with different sensor positions can be realized. Also this design is sealed by using a protection cap, so the mold insert can be cleaned in a ultrasonic bath.
Flexible quick disconnects
for mounting in the mold insert

Quick disconnect cable
for mounting in the mold platen

Front view of the particular quick disconnect side

For cavity pressure sensors
of types 6001B, 6002B, 6003B
Schnellkupplung 6101Ex  

For cavity pressure sensors
of types 6006BC, 6007BC, 6010BC
Schnellkupplung 6103Ex  Mounting in bore hole and cable channel
Schnellkupplungskabel 6100Ex


For cavity pressure sensors
of type Typs 6008AA

Bending radius = 9 mm
Schnellkupplung 6104Bx

For cavity pressure sensors
of types 6001A, 6003A
Schnellkupplung 6106Ax   


. Name File size    
Data sheet type 61xx Flexible Quick Disconnect for Cavity Pressure Sensors and Quick Disconnect Cable 1.65 MB