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Compact Sensors for Cavity Temperature with Quick Disconnect
Compact sensors are stiff and compact sensors without connecting cable, which are mounted axially in the mold insert of multi cavity molds. The measuring signals of the compact sensors are conducted to the mold surface by a quick disconnect and a quick disconnect cable. The mold insert can be cleaned in a ultrasonic bath, because a protection cap ensures a sealed design. The use of compact sensors is easy and allows operation also in case of many cavities and small installation environments.
With hardened sensor front With machinable sensor front
For indirect measuring
Compact sensors with
quick disconnect type "A1"
for mounting in the mold insert
Quick disconnect cable
for mounting in the mold platen


Kompakt-Sensor 4005XXX rev

4007Bxxx.xxA1 Kompakt-Sensor 4007XXX


4009Bxxx.xxA1 Kompakt-Sensor 4009XXX    



Mounting in bore hole and cable channel
4011Bxxx.xxA1 Kompakt-Sensor 4011XXX
Schnellkupplungskabel 4100DXXA2-101

4013Axxx.xxA1 Kompakt-Sensor 4013XXX
Bending radius = 6 mm

Kompakt-Sensor 4015XXX

Kompakt-Sensor 4017XXX


. Name File size    
DS4xxx_089e_Compact Sensors with Quick Disconnect Version:12.19 1.77 MB