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Miniature Cavity Temperature Sensors incl. flexible Quick Disconnect

Flexible quick disconnects are installed into mold inserts likewise to compact sensors.
They can be placed on different positions due to the flexible cable connection between sensor and disconnect. This way different mold inserts with different sensor positions can be realized. Also this design is sealed by using a protection cap, so the mold insert can be cleaned in a ultrasonic bath.
bersicht Temperatur-Sensor inkl

With hardened sensor front
With machinable sensor front

Miniature cavity temperature sensors
incl. flexible quick disconnect
for mounting in the mold insert

Quick disconnect cable
for mounting in the mold platen

4103Ex.x Schnellkupplung 4103Exx
Bending radius = 5 mm

4105Dx.x Schnellkupplung 4105Dxx
Bending radius = 5 mm


4107Dx.x Schnellkupplung 4107Dxx
Bending radius = 5 mm

Mounting in bore hole and cable channel
4109Cx.x Schnellkupplung 4109Cxx
Schnellkupplungskabel 4100DXXA2-101 2
Bending radius = 5 mm

4111Dx.x Schnellkupplung 4111Dxx 4100Dx.xA2-101
Bending radius = 6 mm

Bending radius = 5 mm


4115Bx.x-H  Schnellkupplung 4115Bxx-H
Bending radius = 5 mm  

4117Bx.x-H  Schnellkupplung 4117Bxx
Bending radius = 5 mm


. Name File size    
DS41xx_42xx_090e_Miniature Temperature Sensors with flexible Quick Disconnect Version:12.19 2.71 MB