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Interfaces are the basis for every process monitoring and control system.
Because it does not make sense at all to measure process parameters without providing an interface to the molding machine, to a hotrunner controller, to peripherals or to other components such as robots for example.

There are basically two types of interfaces available:

A) Hardware Interfaces for the separation of reject parts as well as for the switching of real-time signals, e.g. for the automatic switchover to holding pressure.
B) Communication Interfaces for the reading and writing of set and actual values such as hotrunner nozzle temperatures or the profiles for injection speed and holding pressure of the machine.

As a matter of course PRIAMUS has always provided a sophisticated and standardized interface concept for alarm, status and switching signals instead of only open wires. Many machine makers therefore offer these interfaces under their own order numbers just for PRIAMUS systems.

Since many years PRIAMUS offers ready-made solutions for the communication of actual and set values - for instance with the hotrunner controller or with the host computer of the injection molding machine. Similar to the installation of a printer to a computer they might be selected from a data base at the click of a button.