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Application  Problem  Example  PRIAMUS Solution
 Injection molding common  Molded parts not completely
 All molded parts
 Process monitoring:
 reject separation based on
 pressure  level or based on
 melt position (both before
 end of fill)
 Injection molding common  Venting problems / Fill
 Mobile phone housing
 Melt front depending
 Automatic closing of a
 venting core as the melt
 reaches the sensor
 Injection molding common  Fluctuation of quality
 parameters (surface,
 dimension, mechanical
 strength, flash height, etc.)
 All molded parts

 Direct control of quality
 parameters (viscosity,
 shrinkage, compression)

 Injection molding of multi
 cavity molds common
 Different filling injection
 Devices for endoscopic
 Devices for infusion systems

 Automatic balancing of hot
 runner nozzles,
 Individual selection of bad

 Injection molding of multi
 cavity molds (optical parts)
 Long cycle time based on
 unbalanced hot runner
 Contact lenses  Cycle time reduction by hot
 runner balancing
 Sequential molding of multi
 cavity molds
 Unbalanced filling of cavities  2+2 cavity side sills  Hot runner balancing and
 Automatic real-time valve
 gate control
 Sequential molding of large
 scale molded parts
 Uncontrolled opening of
 valve gates,
 Weld line

 Dash boards

 Automatic real-time valve
 gate control
 Injection molding of large
 volume molded parts

 Moving melt front depending
 on melt-, core and mold
 Different flow rate of melt

 Garbage bin,
 Bottle crates
 Automatic switchover to
 holding pressure 
 (compensation of viscosity
 Automatic control of hot
 runner nozzles
 Long flow distance general  Inconsistent filling of cavity
 and therefore different
 surfaces properties
 Axe handle  Shear rate control
 Filling of long flow path with
 small cross sections
 Injection parts sporadically
 not filled due to extreme
 relations between flow path
 and wall thickness
 Cable ties  Automatic hot runner
 Connector molding  Molded parts sporadically
 not filles
 Cable connectors for engine
 Switchover by pressure
 level before the end of fill,
 Level monitoring
 LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber)
 Different compression due
 to very inconsistent melt
 Intracardiac catheter,
 Overmolded acceleration
 sensors (airbag activators)
 Automatic real-time valve
 gate control,
 Automatic balancing of valve
 Injection molding of
 technical parts
 Insufficient mechanical
 Parts with high-strength,
 Gear wheel
 Compression control
 Injection molding of highly
 filled materials
 Bad and inconsistent quality
 of injection part surface
 Metal replacements in
 automotive and sanitary
 Process control in general
 Injection molding of blend
 Material degradation due to
 process fluctuations,
 Narrow processing window 
 (e. g. PC blend)
 Infusion systems
 Hot runner control for
 constant fill times
 Ceramics injection molding
 Dimensional variations after
 the sintering process
 High intensity discharge
 Automatic hot runner
 Processing of recycled
 Viscosity fluctuations,
 Quality fluctucations general
 Toilet seat,
 Tractor coverage
 Automatic switch-over,
 Viscosity monitoring and
 Injection molding of family
 Different length of flow
 Model kits,
 Kits general

 Process monitoring,
 Automatic vale gate control

 Rotary table applications
 (multicomponent parts,
 Uncontrolled part quality
 depending on rotary table
 Razor components  Monitoring, control and hot
 runner control in every
 single rotary table position
 Insert molding  Unbalanced mold filling   Golf balls,
 Conducting paths,
 Chip coating
 Melt front depending core
 pull control
 Insert molding of additional
 Dimension of insert
 component not consistent
 Insert molding of sensor 
 cables (cable bend
 Hot runner control
 Coinjection (Multi-layer
 injection molding)
 Uncontrolled filling of
 different components
 Barrier layer of PET
 preforms and food container
 Automatic detection of
 barrier layers,
 Monitoring and control of
 shear rate

 Gas injection molding,
 Water injection molding

 Plastic component not
 Gas bubble not consistent,
 Discharge of gas out of the
 Door handle,
 Fridge handle
 Automatic gas and water
 injection control via
 pressure and temperature
 Painting / metal coating of
 injection molded parts
 Poor surface quality,
 Visible weld line

 Bath faucets,

 Shear stress control,
 Hot runner control
 Injection compression
 molding  (Stress free
 injection molding)
 Uncontrolled melt flow,
 Flow marks

 Optical parts, Eyeglass lenses

 Melt front depending
 injection compression
 Precision injection molding  Process fluctuations in
 Dimensional fluctuations
 Baseplate for servo drive,
 Blister packaging

 Automatic switchover; Shrinkage control,
 Hot runner balancing

 Reaction injection molding
 Viscosity fluctucations,
 Uncontrolled cross linking
 Fiber-reinforced parts in
Process monitoring general
 Mold transfer of injection
 Different part quality after
 mold transfer to another
 machine or another location
 Process optimization in
 Production in Far East
 Automatic control of
 machine parameters
 Process validation  Machine validation instead
 of process validation,
 Constant machine settings
 ≠ constant process
 Medical validation processes  Automatic control of
 machine parameters