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The applications in the automotive sector are versatile and can hardly be summarized in one single category.
Some of the most common problems are following:

a) Visible weld lines on large scale parts, e.g. instrument panels
b) Poor surface after painting process
c) Fluctuating quality when overmolding insert parts
d) Fluctuating quality with multi components
e) Uncontrolled filling with sequential applications

Examples and solutions:

a) Shifting of the weld line by controlling the melt flow between the hotrunner nozzles
b) Shear rate and compression control by adapting the injection speed profile and holding pressure profile
c) Automatic compensation of different melt volume by automatic and melt front depending switchover to holding pressure
d) Monitoring of the single components with cavity pressure sensors, automatic switchover to holding pressure
e) Controlled melt flow by automatic opening of the valve gates depending on the melt front