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Typical applications in the electronics sector are:

a) Molding of thinwalled parts, partially with long flow paths (connectors)
b) Housings of electronics components
c) Overmolding of cables and electronics components, for example sensors

A frequent and general issue is to ensure that the molded parts are completely filled, and at the same time not flashed.

The simplest solution is to monitor a pressure level with a cavity pressure sensor before the end of fill.
In this case the bad parts are detected and separated, however the process itself is actually not optimized.

A temperature sensor before the end of fill automatically detects the arriving of the melt front and always switches over to holding pressure in the right moment.
This automatically compensates for viscosity fluctuations and avoids flash.

In case of overmolding electronics components it is often indispensible to control the process automatically, e.g. by automatic hotrunner balancing.