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Business of Barnes Group Inc.

In October 2015, PRIAMUS SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES proudly became a member of Barnes Group Inc.

Founded in 1857, Barnes Group Inc. (NYSE:B) is an international industrial and aerospace manufacturer and service provider, serving a widerange of end markets and customers. The highly engineered products, differntiated industrial technologies, and innovative solutions delivered by Barnes Group are used in far-reaching applications that provide transportation, manufacturing, healthcare products, and technology to the world. Barnes Group’s approximately 4,700 dedicated employees, at more than 60 locations across the globe, are committed to achieving consistent and sustainable profiable growth. For mor einformation, visit www.BGInc.com.


Foboha, a cube mold specialist focuses on the development and manufacturing of efficient plastic injection molds for personal care, packaging, and medical applications.


Männer, a global leader in high precision mold-making, valve gate hot runner systems, and injection molding system solutions for the plastics industry.


Priamus, a technology leader in the development of advanced process control systems for the plastic injection molding industry.


Synventive, a leading global supplier of hot runner systems and technologies for the plastics injection molding industry.


Thermoplay, a leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of hot runner systems for plastic injection molding applications.