BlueLine Concepts

The way is the goal - BlueLine hardware transmits data from the sensor to the device for closed-loop process control and process monitoring.

BlueLine is our modular, digital hardware concept, consisting of a multitude of different components. No application is like the other - thanks to the modularity of the BlueLine hardware, we will find the right solution for you as well.

Four-channel and 16-channel digital amplifiers for cavity pressure and cavity temperature, modular machine interfaces, multi-channel connector boxes, a large selection of suitable connection cables and various hardware accessories can be individually assembled and combined.

Digital Electronics

The changeover from analog to digital electronics was a decisive step that led to a significant simplification in the handling of complex measuring systems. Digital data transmission enabled both the susceptibility of the signals to interference and the number of necessary cables and components to be significantly reduced.

All electronic devices of the BlueLine series communicate via a bus protocol and can therefore be combined with each other as required using only one bus cable. Both the combination of BlueLine systems and data communication within a network can thus be made much more flexible.