BlueLine signal tester

Trust is good - testing is better

In order to obtain error-free measurement results, all components of the BlueLine system must work together without errors at all times. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is a good idea to check the components from time to time; the best way is to use the BlueLine signal tester type 8952A.

In addition to checking cavity pressure and cavity temperature signals, the BlueLine signal tester can also be used to check other potencial sources of errors such as sensor sensitivity or cable breakage. The preset programs can be selected via a display and are immediately ready for use

The BlueLine signal tester is available as a single device or as a complete set in a case.

BlueLine Signal tester Type 8952A

With the BlueLine signal tester, individual components within the BlueLine system can be specifically checked.

The signal tester is powered by three 1.5V AA batteries and can be expanded with numerous accessories.

Signal-Tester BlueLine 8952A

BlueLine Signal tester set Type 8911A

The BlueLine signal tester set includes the following components:

1 × signal tester type 8952A
3 × 1.5V AA batteries
1 × test pin type 6902B
1 × short circuit plug for temperature signals type 9017A
1 × short circuit plug for pressure signals type 9018A
1 × connecting cable between signal tester and test pin type 1041A2
1 × case with foam inlet type 9022A

Signal-Tester-Set BlueLine 8911A