Cavity temperature Sensors

In addition to the cavity pressure, the cavity temperature plays a key role in process monitoring, open-loop and closed-loop process control.

PRIAMUS cavity temperature sensors have a high reaction speed. Our sensors are specially optimized thermocouples of type N (NiCrSi-NiSi). This thermocouple combination was chosen because, compared to other thermocouples, it does not show any corrosion and is not subject to irreversible temperature shifts.

As with the cavity pressure sensors, our cavity temperature sensors also preferably use signal lines with a secure ground connection and connectors. In order to avoid interference such as signal noise due to grounding problems, we do not use open cable ends as a matter of principle.

Dynamic Temperature Measurement

Temperature plays a decisive role in the injection molding process, because the injection molding process cannot be described by cavity pressure alone.

In addition to temperature measurement, cavity temperature sensors are also used to detect the position of the plastic melt in real time. In order to correctly control and regulate the injection molding process, a very short reaction time of the sensors is crucial. Conventional thermocouples are simply too slow for this. PRIAMUS cavity temperature sensors have been developed and optimized especially for this task. Each sensor is also checked for its reaction speed before delivery.

In contrast to static temperature calibration, there are no applicable standards for dynamic behaviour, which is why specially developed test procedures are used.