We show our colors

With us you can bet everything on red or everything on black with a clear conscience - in the end you win!

To avoid confusion between cavity pressure and cavity temperature sensors, we use a consistent color concept: red for cavity temperature sensors and black for cavity pressure sensors. This color distribution applies to all plugs of connecting and extension cables of the corresponding sensors.

In addition to this color differentiation, our plugs also have different connections and diameters to avoid confusion.


Compact Sensors

Tight installation conditions? Not for this sensor!

PRIAMUS compact sensors are used to measure both the cavity pressure and the cavity temperature. As the name suggests, they are «compact». The rigid sensor housing is installed axially in the cavity inserts of multi-cavity molds without connection cable. The measuring signals are then transmitted via a quick disconnect. The length of the sensor housing is variable and can also be somewhat longer if the installation conditions are not quite so tight...

Compact sensors are easy-to-handle and inexpensive to maintain. They are used in many cavities and wherever installation conditions are tight.

Another advantage is easy cleaning: put on the protective cap and put it into the ultrasonic bath.

Flexible Quick Disconnects

Flexible quick disconnects are available for measuring cavity pressure and cavity temperature. Thanks to a simple plug-in connection, flexible quick disconnects can be easily installed and removed while the sensors remain in the mold. This makes it easier to manufacture and maintain the cavities.

Compared to compact sensors, our flexible quick disconnects are equipped with a connection cable which is - as the name suggests - «flexible». Thanks to this flexible cable connection, sensor and quick disconnect can be placed in different positions. Compared to a sensor that is installed in the mold platen itself, the sensor position can be chosen flexibly. The size of the mold insert is not important.

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Floating Quick Disconnects and Compact Sensors

Times change - so do the installation tolerances of mold inserts!

Mold inserts are often installed in the floating manner to allow standardization when replacing a defective mold insert. This means that they are no longer fitted exactly into the mold platen, but are provided with a generous tolerance. This is also referred to as «floating mold inserts».

For this installation situation, we have developed a new type of quick disconnect system that automatically compensates for the lateral displacement of the mold inserts. This is made possible by the fact that the two quick disconnect plugs «find» each other automatically during installation, which would inevitably lead to a collision in the case of a rigid disconnect concept.

Floating quick disconnects simplify the exchange of mold inserts because the quality criteria for the mold engineers are much lower. This is a prerequisite for the standardization of molding components, especially in a global environment.

Floating quick disconnects are available for both cavity pressure and cavity temperature sensors.

Machinable & hardened Sensor Fronts

Long live the hardened sensor front! Our sensors are available with hardened or machinable sensor fronts. But which one fits best?

Machinable sensor front

All PRIAMUS cavity pressure sensors as well as some cavity temperature sensors can be machined at the sensor front and thus adapted to the cavity contour. They are suitable for processing most standard plastics, but wear out faster with highly abrasive plastics.

Hardened sensor front

For aggressive and abrasive plastics such as ceramic melts or melts with a high filler content, sensors with a hardened sensor front are the first choice. Hardened sensor fronts are more resistant and thus significantly extend the life span of the sensors.

The picture shows impressions of sensor fronts after about 2,000,000 cycles with abrasive plastics: the machinable sensor front 015 has already been significantly worn down compared to the hardened sensor front 014.

PRIAFIT® Mounting Sleeves

Is the installation of pressure and temperature sensors in the mold something that has to be learned? No, thanks to our PRIAFIT® mounting sleeves it doesn’t.

Compared to the conventional installation variants with mounting nut or distance sleeve, PRIAFIT® mounting sleeves score points with the following advantages:

  • The length of the mounting sleeve can be within a certain tolerance range during installation. This simplifies the requirements for the mold engineer.
  • With PRIAFIT® mounting sleeves, nipple threads that have to be manufactured deep in the bore are a thing of the past.

Sensor installation is simplified, less time-consuming and ultimately - and this is the decisive factor from the customer's point of view - cheaper.