Fillcontrol Control V

FILLCONTROL Control V balances and controls the melt flow, especially in cold runner molds, by automatically delaying the opening times of the valve gate nozzles.

Similar to hot runner multi-cavity molds, this leads to all cavities being filled at the same time. This is particularly important for silicone and multi-component applications.

This way, unfilled parts in multi-cavity molds are excluded and weld lines in large-area components are specifically controlled, moved and held in position.

In general, it is possible to regulate the opening times of each valve gate nozzle individually, which is effectively used for family molds, for example. The nozzles are opened in real time by detecting the melt front in the cavity, so no host computer interface is required.

Valve gate nozzle balancing
Valve gate nozzle control
Application Problem Example Solution
Liquid silicon rubber (LSR) Different compressions Overmolded airbag igniters Automatic balancing and control of valve gate nuzzles
Family molds Different volumes Food container
Thermoplastic (LSR) Unsteady volumes Oxygen masks